Thursday, July 22, 2010

Merle Haggard

At one time I felt the Willie Nelson was THE country songwriter of his generation, maybe followed by Kris Kristofferson. Willie opted to be a country song and dance man. Kris thought that being a B actor was better than being an A songwriter. Looking back on it over years, judging a life body of work, I think I was wrong. Again. Haggard continues to wage the good fight through darkness and depression, but he is still writing songs that carry weight.

And we wonder why he hates performing and audiences.


Anonymous said...

Love Merle. Love Waylon. And have you heard Charlie D's "Devil Went Down to Georgia" lately? That is great and I mean great canonical music.


Gunnar Berg said...

Love Waylon as a singer. The first time we saw him he was on a bill with Tracy Nelson in a small venue. After she finished half the crowd got up and left. It was maybe the best concert I ever saw. As a songwriter he wasn't much.

Masini said...

Funny, I've had country on random for the past 2 weeks, preparing for the stepfather's appearance in Europe. Waylon, Merle, Willie, Johnny and Kris on heavy rotation. To be honest, I love the outlaw country. Ryan Bingham MIGHT just bring it back!