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Friday, July 16, 2010

Bobby Bare

More old guys singing old country music. I learned the songs when they were very new. Toward the end of every night at the NCO Club in Hanau, Germany somebody would put a nickel in the Seeburg. Bobby Bare's mournful voice would drift through the smoke of the club and all the drunk G.I.s in the room would stop talking and sing along with the chorus. Sometimes it took a quarter's worth of miles to get us home. This is a shortened version of a long song, but the voice is still there. It's not the suck version that Peter, Paul and Mary did, it's the songs writer doing it the the way he wanted it done.

And a little gospel music. The definitive Drop Kick Me Jesus. For Jim and Dex and any other broken down old linemen out there in Tubeland.

Another singalong from the NCO Club.

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