Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summit Belgian

Unchained Series 04: Belgian Style Golden Ale

Brewer Eric Harper is releasing his Unchained beer the week of July 19!  In his own  words:
Light golden in color, pours effervescent with a thick, rocky head.  The aromas of fruity esters produced by our Belgian yeast strain dominate, while a subtle spiciness from the Czech Saaz and Styrian Golding hops linger in the background.  Brewed with 100% Belgian Malt and tons (literally) of Belgian Candi Sugar, the body was lightened, and the alcohol increased.  The end result is a sublime drinking experience!

Malts:  100 % Belgian Pilsen Malt
Kettle Additions:  Czech Saaz and Styrian Golding Hops, Belgian Candi Sugar
OG:  18.5° Plato
IBU:  30
ABV:  8.6%
Color:  Golden
Yeast:  Belgian Ale Yeast


Anonymous said...

sounds like a trippel. My favourite of the Belgians!
Allan Pollock

Anonymous said...

that's Belgian geometry for sure


Silk Hope said...

I walway love the alcolholic content in Flemish beers. It makes for a real easy party.

Silk Hope said...

You like my spelling? I must of had one.

jusvelos said...

love the belgian abbey beers..favorite for awhile now is florival brune..euro 2.83 for a 4 pack of 33cl 7% vol alc.Florival trippel is 9% and 3.29..

Rochefort is the best in my 8 or no 10..both will keep you happily in the chair ..

Gunnar Berg said...

That's one of the perks you have living in Belgium. Cheap old bikes, chocolate, and great beer.