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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Breanna + Victor

Breanna and Victor doing one of those symbolic wedding things.

Breanna is one of those young women who has been around our house since grade school. Last Saturday evening she married Victor Rodriguez in the park on the shore of Fountain Lake. 

Our assistant daughter, Amy came home from Spain, heartsick, having left a beau back in Spain. If he has any sense he'll be on an airplane tomorrow.

This is Victor's father. Sometimes you meet a man who you know is not to be trifled with. You can tell just by the way they carry themselves, by the way their eyes cut right through you. I would not cross this man for any amount of money.

These are two of his three daughters. The other one is just as sweet. I suspect they are single because no young man has gotten up the courage to ask for their hand yet.

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Jose said...

I have something to say! let me introduce myself. I am Amy´s "Spanish Friend", Toté, my real name is Jose but everybody know me as TOTE.

- First Point your daughter look awesome in her wedding hope you were the happiest dad in the world that day CONGRATULATIONS.

- Second Point you mentioned about if I had any sense I´ll be on a plane tomorrow....so I have to work to this summer and I´m going to go to the States and BE with Amy, you´re right SHE IS INCREDIBLE.

P.s: hope to meet you and your daughter too.