Sunday, January 9, 2011

I love you so much, it hurts me
Darlin, that's why I'm so blue
I'm so afraid to go to bed at night
Afraid of losing you

I love you so much, it hurts me
And there's nothing I can do
I want to hold you my dear, forever and ever
I love you so much, it hurts me so

- Floyd Tillman. He must have known a Lorna too.


Oldfool said...

Floyd Tillman used to spend a lot of time in El Paso in the late 50's. He had a house trailer there and played in the local honky tonks. I took the gate for a local country swing band and one night I ended up in Floyd's trailer to listen to his latest state of the art recording device. It was a wire recorder and I was dazzled as I had never seen such a thing.

Gunnar Berg said...

Very cool story. Was there alcohol involved?

I much prefer Floyd's odd jerky phrasing, but as I only have it on an LP, I settled for Patsy. And settling for Patsy Cline ain't bad.

Mark Stonich said...

Floyd's version is available as a free MP3 download here. Now if I can just figure out how to get it into iTunes...

I love Patsy, but I gotta admit I prefer his version too.

Gunnar Berg said...

I love you SO ... MUCH, it HURTS me.

reverend dick said...

Wow, Oldfool.

I love Mr. Tilman's "Drivin nails in my coffin."