Monday, January 24, 2011

Real World Food

There are a couple of blogs I follow that post elegant descriptions and beautiful pictures of food and wine (or beer) that are so delectable that they could make a brave man weep. This is a 1410 real world response. 

The soup is wild rice, the last of the Christmas turkey from the back of the freezer and whatever leftover veggies and mushrooms we had on hand. Some herbs, salt, garlic and cayenne. I do not mean to denigrate it; it was very, very good. There was no salad nor side dishes. "You want salad? Here, have some more soup." Dessert? A couple of hard, seedy rolls with a generous smear of Hope Creamery butter. Oh, yeah (check the link).

The wine. It's Rex Goliath. It used to belong to Hahn and was surprisingly palatable. I think they sold the label and now it's just ... wine. I tend to buy the Red Zin, because cheap Pinots and Cabs can be brutal, and most Merlots are simply insipid. This one is called Free Range Red. There is no year designation. We all know it's not a sophisticated blend. It's leftovers. It is also $5.74. Or less.  "Have another glass of wine?"  Enjoy.

Lorna SEZ: The soup veggies were not leftovers! 


Oldfool said...

There is no wine too cheap for me. I think I have had one or two bottles in my life that I did not like but I drank them anyway.
Todays lunch: canned chunky clam chowder with a can of Maine cherry stones and some four day old sourdough softened in a pan with butter and garlic.
Taste on a scale of 1-10 is 10.

Gunnar Berg said...

Sounds good. But maybe we're easy graders.

Anonymous said...

looks good. I just ate at McDonald's. Not proud of it. But I rode my Cinelli today.


George A said...

Gunnar: Try "Cycles Gladiator" Merlot if you can locate it in your local bottle shop. You might find that one a tad less insipid. La diarist and I find it quite drinkable and it comes in under the $10/bottle threshold; less if I buy case lots.

George in Maryland
PS: that woodpecker dining on suet in an earlier post looks like the very same fellow I photographed at Governor's Bridge a week or so ago. How'd he get out to your bird feeder so fast???