Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Virgil Leih: Woodturner

The human animal seems to be programmed, even driven, to create what it perceives as beautiful things. Some of them are social creatures who need to do this within an art community where they can get affirmation from patrons or fellow artists. Others do it way off to this side, away from the noise of distraction. I'm more intrigued by these people working in isolation, doing what they do just because "it needs to be done". Virgil Leih is one of those. His chosen medium is wood turning - wood turning on such a scale that it requires hoists, forklifts, chainsaws and a twelve foot tall microwave.


Debb said...

I woke Laurie out of his nightly collapse in the chair episode (after another 14 work day) to watch this.. He enjoyed it and went to get his magazines on Stephen Hogbin (Candaian woodworker)
Thanks for providing a diversion for my workaholic husband..

Gunnar Berg said...

I thought about Laurie when they showed Virgil at the Landscape Arboretum. I remembered how excited he was when we walked into the library and he discovered it was filled with George Nakashima tables and chairs. It's probably one of the few place where he would be allowed to tip Nakashima chairs upside down to check on construction methods. Laurie HAS to find time to make some more chairs.