Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Sleeping Buds

Old Sleeping Bud
Young Sleeping Bud

We're in the dead of Minnesota winter. Not completely dead though. Spring is afoot. There is bird love in the air. The Chickadees are pairing off and subdividing the chickadee world into building lots. On sunny days the males are proclaiming ownership with their whistled  fee-beee, fee-beee and chasing off any other males that might have intentions.

Things are astir underground. The life energy held safely down in the roots is slowing moving up the branches and into the twigs. The past couple of weeks the catkin-like buds of the star magnolia are starting to swell. It's an ill-placed shrub. I planted it where it can get both too much shade and too much wind. And it's in Minnesota, probably a zone too far north. Instead of being covered with the white floppy flowers like in the catalog pictures, we will have maybe a dozen on the whole bush.  And we will be thankful for every one of them. 

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