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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walkin' the Pug, 01/12/11

Oakwood is an inside-out neighborhood. There are two tiers of houses distributed on a circle, the inside row facing a round park, the outside facing the lake. There is a street around the park, but most of the garages are off the back to an alley and all of the lake lots are accessed only by the alley.  I guess my point is that there is a narrow circular lane with a lot of short driveways and no place to put the snow. It piles up.

Today was a crisp blue sky, blue shadow day. The shadows are still long and even with the bright sun it only creeped up to 9F. That's -13C for those of you in the civilized world. I had a brief exchange with a woman in England today who has come to the conclusion that Minnesota is only marginally inhabitable. Maybe she's right ...... but we do have ice fishing and hockey. The English have only...what?.... pub darts?

1410 Oakwood  (past the neighbor's garage)

The lake with fish-houses


gabriel said...

The English would argue that yes,maybe only pub darts, but your pug would be invited in to watch...that is civilization!

The English Woman said...

Well said Gabriel! A life without dogs is no life at all. Still full of admiration for those who live with the extremes of temperature you endure Neil. The snow is just beautiful but for those of us with little balance I prefer a more solid foothold :o)

The UK way is snow for a week - headlines for a week ('It's snowing!'), close the schools, the airports, the trains...everyone goes sledging (more headlines...'everyone's sledging'). A week later it's all gone leaving giant potholes in the roads (more headlines...'Look at the giant potholes in the roads!')

Gunnar Berg said...

That's PUB darts, not PUG darts, which would be a horrendous sport.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is that pug's expression beginning to resemble his person's expression?


Gunnar Berg said...

I always thought my grandfather had a sweet bulldog look about him, so I suppose it's possible.