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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Running Over Brigitte

Last evening we packed some of our best wine and beer into the Honda and picked up Joanne and Steve. Steve brought a six of Porter, just in case. We headed out to the edge of town to Ann and Dave's. Their house is at the end of a dead-end road, surrounded by a state park. The driveway is quite long and forks to their house and what was Ann's parent's home. Ann is amazing; this was a quick little party, organized that afternoon. On the spur of the moment she whipped up a pork loin rolled around a center of cherries, peaches and cranberries (I think), and all the side dishes - salad with a raspberry vinaigrette, asparagus and a chocolate cheesecakey pie dessert. We ate, talked and laughed, and drank enough that at the end of the evening Steve was asleep in a big soft chair. Steve's asleep, must be time to go home.

But back to Brigitte. Brigitte is a golden lab, a sweet friendly dog that likes company. She tends to greet guests at the end of the driveway and escort them up to whichever of the two houses they are going to. About five years ago we were met by Brigitte as we turned into the drive. I was driving a 4-wheel drive Ford Ranger at the time, high with big tires. I slowed way down because the dog was close and I couldn't see her. Then there was a sickening thump and painful yelp as the truck lurched like we just run over a sack of cement. By the time I opened my door to see how bad she was busted up, the dog was up and hobbling off toward the house. When we got up to the house Brigitte was already there, tail wagging, waiting for us. As the front tire would certainly have crushed her, it must have been the rear tire that left the diagonal track across her side. Dave took Brigitte over to his in-laws and they took her in to the vet.

Since the "I just ran over your dog" incident, Ann's mother has passed away and recently her father had to move to a retirement home. The new neighbor acquired Brigitte with the house. Ann says she seems to be doing pretty well, considering she is a seven year old lab that has been run over by a Ford Ranger.


Oldfool said...

It has been my experience that Labs ain't too bright. I have a little experience and a 6 inch scar to prove it.

Oldfool said...

I meant to add- They are lovable however and when they are gone they leave a big empty spot.

Anonymous said...

Labs are as bright as they get, they are just full of beans. That's a rough little story, Neil.


Gunnar Berg said...

Tough too. Nothing broken. Just some pain killers for a while.