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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unknown Blues

Stephen Tarter, Harry Gay. Piedmont Blues - much more urbane than country blues. This is a really good quality recording for 1928. Somebody cleaned it up really well.  So much of the old blues, particularly the Delta Blues, was not considered important at the time. It was just "race music" and the recording quality was terrible. This was posted to Facebook by Dorian Henry, a 20 year old French lad who has uploaded 2330 songs, mostly vintage ragtime guitar - a music I like a lot. He found me when I correctly questioned a photo he had on an upload and he invited me on board - along with 5,000 other subscribers. Don't worry, I won't start cross-posting all of them. They will remain in another one of my parallel universes. I burden you poor people enough the way it is.

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