Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prairie Fire Children's Theatre

Next week is Prairie Fire. Mrs.Berg has been the local Albert Lea Sibley School coordinator for this for a number of years. This year there are 75 young thespians signed up for The Wizard of Oz. There's no room for small cast productions for this group. L.Berg says that this is the one thing that will temporarily bring her out of retirement next year.

Prairie Fire Children's Theatre (or PFCT) is a professional touring theatre company based in Barrett, Minnesota and has been bringing a theatrical experience to communities across the upper Midwest since 1987. Prairie Fire tours a variety of original musical adaptations of classic tales.

Throughout the entire year, Prairie Fire Children's Theatre sends two professional Actors/Directors to a community for a one week residency. Local children fill the roles, and PFCT provides everything needed to do the show. After a week of rehearsing, the cast will perform the play twice on the weekend.

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Margadant said...

An exceptioal woman, that Mrs Berg. To me the entire thing conjures up visions whimpering in a corner with a mental health breakdown.