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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Break In the Action

Oakwood Dive today.
It has warmed up recently and some of the snow has melted, which widened the streets a little and gave us shoulders to ride on. It was 21F this afternoon so I tucked my pants into my high wool socks, fired up the Ol' Coldnago and took it out for a spin. Wow, it doesn't take much to get my legs shaking after the winter induced layoff. Oakwood Drive is still a frozen "wintery mix" mess, and it is a bitch to ride a bicycle on. Or drive on for that matter. Once I get out to Wedge Street it's a little better, but not much. I live within the city limits of a town of 20,000 people and I still often need a 4-wheel drive to get to my home. We really should rename the street. "Oakwood Drive" implies that you can actually DRIVE on it. Oakwood Stuck? Oakwood Dive? Yeah, maybe Dive.
1982 Colnago Super. Since the last photo I have changed the bars, brake lever and crankset, but it's the same in spirit.


Anonymous said...

I won't mention that we planted our garden two weeks ago, and I have been riding daily for the last three weeks. (Oops, I just did!) -Tony

Gunnar Berg said...

As a team Lorna and I have made our life choices - some good, some bad. I know this may be hard to believe, but staying in Minnesota is on the plus side of the ledger. A down side is the first three months of the year.

Anonymous said...

All kidding aside, I could live in a snowy climate like Minnesota. I love cross-country skiing, but to really enjoy the sport, I think you need to live where you consistantly get enough snow so that you can ski out the door of your house. (I would need a decent sized greenhouse though!) -Tony

Gunnar Berg said...

I don't mind the snow - up to a point. It's the temperature that's difficult. It's surprising how -5F with 30 mph winds will take the skiing urge out of you.

A week ago it was in the high 20s and people didn't zip their coats. It is amazing how cold 20 feels in the Fall and how warm it feels in early Spring.