Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My wife, who does not believe in tenure is an indifferent member of the teacher's union. When I was a very young man I was member of a local union for a short time. One time I did join the entire engineering department of our company in refusing to cross a picket line. Honestly, that was not so much a support of the striking factory workers, as it was a rejection of the way upper management was also treating us too. We were all summarily fired, but then rehired as part of the eventual contract agreement. 

Nevertheless I have never thought of myself as a union man or even a union supporter, but I cannot help supporting the protesters and their principles in Wisconsin with all my heart. Sometimes things are simply wrong.

Lorna sez:
"As for UNIONS. I support WI.
I was a union rep for my building for a number of years. I believe in the union and collective bargaining. I believe the union should support teachers that are unfairly charged or discharged. I do not like it when the union supports teachers who are not professional and don't teach. Our union has taken a freeze in pay or .0 % increase in the last 5 years. Our family insurance has gone up every year also. So it seems like we have been going backwards for years."