Wednesday, February 23, 2011

George S. Mickelson in Winter

Butch Paulson sent me these pictures of the Mickelson Trail after reading my entry about the Black Hills.
" ...taken on a zero degree day in January '07. Those are my tracks on the road after getting out by the skin of my teeth."
Winter certainly does lay a beautiful edge on the rocks and pines.


Margadant said...

I'm not enamoured of quad tracks on the "Mick."

Butch said...

That's the Black Forest CG Rd.

Anonymous said...

For readers who don’t live in the neighborhood, the wonderful George Mickelson Trail runs something like a hundred scenic miles on railroad track-bed, bridges and trestles which is too narrow for vehicles. Signs at all intersections inform new visitors of the rules for use. I recall it's restricted to bicycle, horse, mule, pony, llama, dogsled, little red wagon and foot traffic. I don’t recall the detail about snowmobiles or motorcycles.

Gunnar Berg said...


While that seems clear to me it might not be to those who ride snowmobiles.