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Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday Outing - The End

The reason we had to leave Vincent Dominguez was that we were already running late for a dinner date with Lorna's sister Anita and husband John. We arrived and got settled in the guest room before the wine was opened. Their friends Ken and Diane arrived shortly after. Diane is a teacher and actress, one-time teacher of the year, retired I think. Ken is a retired professor, musician, artist, potter - we all hit it off pretty well. After a short exchange to test the waters and decide if we were worthy, Ken left and returned a short time later with two bottles of Redbreast Irish whiskey - not the 12 year, but the limited 15 year.  You gotta love a man that rings the doorbell with his elbow because he's laden with good Irish whiskey. That stuff is as smooth as silk. John grilled meat and Anita fixed a great dinner. Have you noticed when the cook says, "Oh, it'll just be something simple", it's usually code for, "This one is going to blow the doors off your tastebuds"? We sat around the largest round mahogany table in the state of Minnesota. We ate great food, had interesting conversation, and drank good red wine. Then we played euchre and drank smooth Irish whiskey late into the night. For an old man, that's about as good as life gets.


Tom G. said...

That's about as good as it gets for a 42 year old guy too.

Thanks for sharing the photos of your visit to Kvale's. I am drooling over the paint job on that Atala restoration.

Gunnar Berg said...

Wait 'til you see mine.

Johann Rissik said...

...and during that wonderful evening your thoughts just maybe drifted back to Chris Kvale and his alchemy?

Gunnar Berg said...

My thoughts drifted to pottery, watercolors and "Now what was trump again?".