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Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday Outing (Continued)

The pain of being the Groove Man.

After an hour of Chris, he escorted us through the labyrinth maze of a building to the new digs of the "Anti-Chris", Erik Noren. As Erik puts it, "Chris Kvale is classical. He is classical music, classical frames. I'M bleeping HARD ROCK!"

Here he is shown showing us his take on a French randonneur bike. "It's a bleeping American touring bike, it ain't no bleeping French randonneuring bike. I'm from the bleeping Midwest not bleeping France." Whatever he calls it it is quite lovely with a crushed abalone shell pearl paint and gold lining. Erik is quite proud of his dimensional headbadge which is stainless steel brazed onto the headtube. Each one a brazing tour de force.

We talked about about 14 fourteen different subjects, rather mostly Erik talked and we listened. Eventually he got around to the bike that caused the controversy at the national bike show. He showed the bike to Lorna. I'm not going to tell you what triggered the bike because it isn't anybody's business unless Erik choses to share it. All I will say is that his story made Lorna cry. Erik is still hurt and bleeding from all the criticism. Don't be critical of someone unless you know his story. Then if you still want to cut him ....

Next Vincent Dominguez.


Anonymous said...

I'm from the Midwest too, and never did understand the "rando" vibe. So snarky and smarty-pants . . . Does it plane? . . . . . ugh.

Although I do love my black beret.


Gunnar Berg said...

The black beret gets a pass, because only a handful of old duffers in France wear them.

Anonymous said...

A soft wool beret is as good as it gets for the average chilly day. Much more stylish and convenient than anything with a bill, and it doesn't ride up like a watch cap. I guess you could say it planes.


Noren said...

Ahh geez I didn't mean to make her cry. Maybe next time on purpose.
No really, thanks for stopping by and listening.
Now get ready for the Chorus 11 American Country Mile bike, complete with disc brakes too. MMMM Campy 11 AND disc brakes.
I hear crying already ....