Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chatterbox Pub

Very Proud to be Voted
“Best Neighborhood Bar, Minneapolis”
& "Best Place for a First Date"
Reader’s Choice Award, City Pages
At the Chatterbox Pub, we have worked hard to develop our reputation for both a unique flavor filled menu that will surprise newcomers, as well as providing exceptional personal service that will make you feel comfortably at home in your neighborhood pub.

Smiles and laughter are readily available on the menu as well. Our menu contains an extensive list of your favorite Atari, Nintendo, and Sega Genesis games such as Frogger, Tetris, Mario Bros, Sonic, and Combat, as well as a library of your favorite board games such as Yahtzee, Connect 4, and Apples to Apples.

Thank you,
The Chatterbox Crew

This is an addendum to The Great Saturday Outing Adventure. I forgot, we had lunch too, at the Chatterbox Pub. It's a little quirky, with a library of board games and a bunch of vintage video games. And sofas. But to hell with that, we were there for beer, fries and burgers. I haven't eaten the whole menu, all I can say for certain is the burgers are great, the seasoned fries are the best I've even eaten, and on that day the Belgian Style Dubbel was pretty fine. Normally I wouldn't post a menu, but you can never tell when someone might be planning to open a pub someday and maybe need a few ideas. So, here's the beer and the burgers:  (It was a good day indeed)

1 comment:

Steve Grimmer said...

What the heck's 'Miller Light'? Never tasted the stuff.
Really, can't taste a thing.
Lots of other fine beers there, though!