Friday, February 18, 2011

Willie, Wynton (and Mickey)

"That harmonica player looks like Ron Jeremy and Bob Ross's love child." - Paul "Doohickie",  speaking of Willie Nelson's left arm and anchor Mickey Raphael.

The legend goes that early on Willie asked his manager what they were paying Mickey. "Nothing. He just comes and plays for fun." To which Willie replied, "Well, double his salary." I like the way Willie's band was defined. Pre-Mickey, it was traditional pedalsteel Nashville country. After Mickey was added, the whole dynamics changed and anything went - driving high volume. Now they're older and the band has become acoustic, down to one drum set - mostly brushes, but after 35 years Mickey's still there, moaning his blues through the harp. 

Part 2 if you're hooked. (bad lip sync)


Doohickie said...

Thanks for the profile. I learned something.

Gunnar Berg said...

As did I. I Googled Ron Jeremy. Oofda.