Friday, February 4, 2011

Zach Wahls

Last night I saw his young man being interviewed. If this does come to a vote I hope the people of Iowa will make the right choice.


Justine Valinotti said...

We'll take him here in NY.

What too many people don't realize is that no one is asking for "special" treatment for gay individuals or couples. All any of us want is to be able to love and marry the people who choose and choose us.

That said, I think the government shouldn't be in the marriage business at all. I believe that any couple over 21 who's not a danger to themselves or anyone else should be allowed to unite. If the government is to be involved, every couple should be the equivalent of a domestic union (a designation used in NY and other states). Then, if they want their unions sanctified by the institutions of their religions, that's their business.

I don't know how likely that is to happen. So the next-best thing is for the government to santion same-sex marriages.

Margadant said...

Marriage was created to insure the possession and passage of property, and to some degree, men have always considered women as chattel property. Perhaps the hostility to same-sex marriage stems from the unsettling realization that our civil and scared marriage laws can also be used to relegate persons of the masculine gender to the chattel status. Or worse, to elevate a person of the female gender to the dominant possessor status.

Silk Hope said...

I live in Laguna Beach so it is not such a big deal here. But in Iowa.... well that is a diferent kettle of fish. That kid ought to run for office because he has his head screwed on straight and can speak too boot.

Hell I'd vote for him.

PS: Go see the movie The Kids are Alright.

Gunnar Berg said...

Same gender marriage is legal in Iowa now due a Iowa Supreme Court decision. There is a movement by the religious right to have it abolished and the only way they can do it is by amendment. The motion to put it on the ballot may pass the House, but will be killed in their Senate, so at least for now it's just political posturing. In the interview they asked him if he would run for office in two years (when he's 21). He said just wanted to be an engineer. He's still the future. A lot of horsepower there.

Silk Hope said...

The older I get the less tolerant of government I become. What is hilarious is that I was on the opposite side of this about two years ago. But when the government and the regious zealots are on the same side I throw up my hands.

So now I am in the camp of just leave me alone...GO AWAY. Besides do they (Gays) really want to get married..?? You know what comes after that? DIVORCE! But it is their Divorce.



Gunnar Berg said...

At some point it becomes imposing someones religious views onto me. Not only do I think gays should be able to marry, as long as they are adults I think polygamy should be legal. I really isn't any of my business what consenting adults chose to do.

While I'm at it, it isn't the government's business what drugs I chose to take as an adult, as long as I'm not operating a vehicle or being loud, violent or obnoxious. It might be stupid, but it should not be illegal.

Silk Hope said...

I voted to legalize Marihoochie for christ sake. I getting tired of all the Cartels having all the fun.

I'd better sit down we are in a agreement too much here.

Gunnar Berg said...

I think heroin should be legal. Cocaine. Designer drugs. Whatever.

Sorry to give you whiplash. Ya wanna talk about health care - just to get seesaw stabilized again?