Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Moral Crusade Against Foodies

I'm posting this mostly because we have not all dined with someone with a special friend in the kitchen. When you walk into the kind of places I normally "dine", the cook is in the same room with you. His name is Bob and he yells too loudly across the room, "Hi, where the hell you guys been?!"  Talk about awkward small talk. Well, I guess I do have a special relationship. Me, and everyone else in town. (Actually Bob quit again. He does that.) From The Atlantic:

image: John Cuneo
"WE HAVE ALL dined with him in restaurants: the host who insists on calling his special friend out of the kitchen for some awkward small talk. The publishing industry also wants us to meet a few chefs, only these are in no hurry to get back to work. Anthony Bourdain’s new book, his 10th, is Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook. In it he announces, in his trademark thuggish style, that “it is now time to make the idea of not cooking ‘un-cool’—and, in the harshest possible way short of physical brutality, drive that message home.” Having finished the book, I think I’d rather have absorbed a few punches and had the rest of the evening to myself." Continued


Margadant said...

All that, and no mention of Monty Phyton's gastronome in "The Meaning of Life?"

Gunnar Berg said...

Well, there has been mention now.

I have to say that the dude who goes around trying to eat 72oz sirloins, 9 patty hamburgers, and 6'pizzas is way more revolting than Anthony Bourdain eating one fruit bat.

reverend dick said...

Anthony Bourdain needsd a punch in the mouth.

And I'm not talking about fruit.