Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fall on Trout Run Creek


Margadant said...

Has Kurt got all these locked up, or is the secret cache downstairs in some secret room behind the bikes?

With a little fancy mounting and framing I think you're show worthy.

Gunnar Berg said...

These are all Kurt's. He has them all properly matted and framed. He took the photos and I choose to clip just the paintings for posting.

At 1410, we are the clobber's children. We ain't got no shoes. Our shoes were given to friends and sold to strangers.

Anonymous said...

I remember asking you 30 years or so ago why you weren't painting. You said because you didn't feel you had anything to say or an original style. I thought you were full of crap, but maybe you were right. Then. But now you have another 30 years of living you could capture. The truth has always been that you are an American original. Stare at an empty canvas for awhile; give yourself a chance. Dex

Gunnar Berg said...

Right above my computer screen is a photo of Lorna sitting in a rocker in your house on Jefferson with the Silver Heels hanging on the wall behind her.