Monday, February 22, 2010


Another of Kurt's 35 year old pictures. I recall doing maybe half a dozen of vaguely the same picture in different styles, colors and methods. My brother had a couple, a nice blue one, long ago traded away for a six-pack of cheap beer. This is another large picture (see the double-click), done with a stick dipped in brown india ink. Some of the wash is ink, some is a watercolor wash after the ink had set up a little. Watercolor is can be hard, painting with ink is a real bitch. Which of course is reason enough to do it.

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Old Toad said...

Guess I lost the painting you did of the Old Toad forty years ago ... or you did you only paint famous artists and Indian chiefs?

It definitely is time for you to start painting again, Gunnar. Put those fine talents of yours to work (in your spare time, of course, cuz a guy shouldn't work too hard in retirement). Gotta have lots of time for bike building (and riding) and sipping your favorite beverages.