Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Olympics and Hills

Lorna tells me that there are more Winter Olympians from Minnesota than any other state. Duh. Mostly hockey players and curlers I would imagine. Today Lindsey Vonn captured her first skiing Gold Medal in the downhill. ("captured a medal", strange choice of words - like you have to corner and net it.)  I mention all this only because I was chided by Jack Gabus about my lack of climbing skills on a bicycle, because "there aren't any hills in Minnesota anyway", or something to that effect. Cindy Nelson, a former Olympic medalist in the downhill, was also from Minnesota. There. are. hills. And I can't climb them.
I saw the local news tonight. The bars on Buck Hill, Lindsey's home hill, were filled with every skier in Minneapolis. And they all appeared to be drunk. But uff da, wait til hockey's on. You betcha that'll fill da bars in nordeast and southside Minneapolis, and way up on da range. Them there hockey fans, dey can drink ya know!

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Margadant said...

Just a cold night's run over to Geno's Tap for schnapps and beer. Crank up da Polaris!