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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter'nago Redux

The mw special. Since we last spoke I have gone to a smaller crankring, swapped out the drop bars for Jitensha flat bars and added the old Shimano deerhead shifter. I was going to add a rear brake and damned reality struck again. There isn't enough tire/brake clearance. It's why it was removed in the first place. Nothing has changed.

And I added the old Brooks Freebee Pro from Dexter H. Thanks man.


Silk Hope said...

Ernesto would be proud!

Silk Hope

Gunnar Berg said...

Yeah, it was Ernie who, to save a lira, had the stay ends crimped, thereby taking this bike out of world of "fine bikes". I spit on him.

Anonymous said...

hey don't spit on an Italian, they spit back!

seriously, very sweet ride!

I decided I prefer my Jitensha bar with the grips angled down a little. . .