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Friday, February 12, 2010

Janis and Others

At times, particularly during Berg family get togethers, my life can get very confusing. My wife is Lorna Berg, my sister, Lona Berg. My daughter is Adena Berg, my niece Athena Berg. This accounts for 4/5ths of the females in my family. Only Jamie has a straight forward, unconfusing name.
This one is for Athena. While Joplin was maybe not as pretty as she is, there is something about Janis that always reminds me of her. Part of it is looks, part, maybe inner soul. Janis slightly rearranged the original Rogers and Hart song from 1935. It was a 40 year old song when she sang it 35 years ago. 75 years. Some things don't change much do they?  "Legendary" at 25? That is a lot of pressure for a kid. She looks so tiny and fragile. And of course she was, and within a year she was gone, gone like a supernova..

Athena, I haven't forgotten. Our date is still on. Lorna has our wheels this weekend. I'll be in touch soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Berg. Dex

Anonymous said...

You cant die for a very very long time, i wanna get married in your garden and have you walk me down the isle =)

tonight was great, i loved everything, the food was fantastic, the beer was icky but still the thrill of doing something im not supposed to was great. though the owl didnt show, i had better company anyway =)