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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fog, Frost and Snow Snakes

It is a beautiful still morning in Oakwood. With temperatures moderating into the twenties, a misty fog has descended to frost the twigs and evergreen tips. I'm going to state something now that is apparently completely illogical. Fog seems to absorb sound in the same way that snow does. Outside we were only able to communicate with hand signals. The silence was deafening.

Evolution is amazing. Nature will fill niches in the environment that we don't even recognize. Who could have predicted the evolution of the Northern Snow Snake? These wonderful tree climbing reptiles come out and forage for a few days in late winter, then breed and return to their burrows until the next season. They are are shy, retiring creatures, usually found only in deep hardwood forests and overgrown wood lots. I consider myself  lucky to catch a glimpse of one and be able to snap a quick picture to share. 


Old Toad said...

Those snow snakes eat tree toads ... so knock it outa that tree and save a few of my relatives. Thank you for your kindness, Sir Gunnar (and for sharing photos of your snow fog and snakey creatures with us soggy toads in Oregon).

Gunnar Berg said...

Be well, Toad, be well.