Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oakwhite Oakwood

Winter has a terrible purity about it. Beautiful and uncompromising. The East Coast is getting pounded right now and they are ill-equipped to deal with it. Here in the hinterlands we just go on with our lives as best we can, though I must admit that half the houses in Oakwood are vacant right now. People get soft in their old age and have a tendency to migrate toward the sunshine in winter.

Looking out the bay window toward the lake.
Down Oakwood Drive past Chesterman's.
Note: this is after the lane is plowed!
Back up the hill to 1410.
"The Shack" next door, where Lorna's family summers.


c.a.ricco said...

feeling a bit soft myself, think I may leave the bike in the basement today...might even open the furnace louvres down there and stay awhile.

Silk Hope said...


Go get a flip camera. I want to see some action photos of you on the “Coldnago” riding on Oakwood in that stuff.

Old Toad said...

Lovely white stuff! Glad I don't have to shovel any of it (old toads aren't built for shoveling). I like "Echelon's" suggestion that you get a flip camera to create a Gunnar action video to share with the world on YouTube. Expect you'll have another snowstorm soon that will provide lots of action for the video.

Back to my soggy bog to snooze.