Oakwood owl querying
Pilgrims at the journey gate,
Whooo will pass this night?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


There's a set of really nice Steve McQueen photos over at The Selvedge Yard. They regularly post nice photos and commentary. Also check out John Hamachi's Consequences Dictate. Jon's been doing some good work with his photo of the day. He has a very good eye.


reverend dick said...

I just watched The Sand Pebbles last night. It sucked.

I'd recommend any of his other films.

Gunnar Berg said...

Oh, I think all of his movies suck. I don't think he could act, he just played Steve McQueen. That was enough. So cool, as a being.

Margadant said...

Ya, that's probably true. He wasn't that convincing a cowboy in "Junior Bonner." Robert Preston and Ida Lupino walked away with that one.

Echelon said...

I am in the other camp as a 69' 911owner I think Le Mans is the best Racing movie ever made. Since McQueen was a Porschefile maybe that is why I think so.

Mimbres Man said...

Saw "The Getaway" the other day on TCM (latin america). I liked it...mainly for its west Texas setting and El Paso. I consider that part of my home territory. Made me a little homesick.