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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sammi Smith

Sammi loved them cigarettes. They killed her dead young - nails in her coffin. Maybe they added a nice little rough to the top edge of her voice though. She was probably the only woman who was an Outlaw. If you take the pedal steel out of the mix, she probably wasn't even country. She and Patsy Cline - jazz/blues singers dropped into the middle of a country western song. There's a great version of Haggard's Today I Started Loving You Again out there on the Tube, but the visuals are so sappy I won't post it. Go look if you need to. Personally I'm not crazy about pedal steel, but who the hell could ever think that The Nashville Strings looped and dubbed over the top of Sammi Smith would be an improvement? Jeez, hell must be full of producers. A little country soul and a jerk host below:


Anonymous said...

Thanks Berg. Took me back to
1970. Who would have thought we'd get this old. Dex

Gunnar Berg said...

I expected to. You, you are the surprise. And apparently pretty healthy.