"Age and Treachery will overcome Youth and Skill" - Angelo Fausto Coppi

Monday, February 15, 2010

Waits and Deville

I've been thinking about Tom Waits, whether I'm wrong. After holding my feet to the fire, I still don't know. I do know how I am affected. No one cares but me. I have been struck by how similar Willy Deville and Waits can sound, although not so much on this one. While Deville was not so much a pure songwriter, I think I'll stick with him.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Gunnar Berg said...

A man of few words.

Anonymous said...

...dueling balads... ;)
(and a bonus story)


Allan Pollock

PS: thanks for introducing me to Deville's music--very good stuff.

Anonymous said...

hrmm, listening to his older stuff with Mink Deville....sounds surprisingly similar to a cross between the music that elvis costello was making around the same time and the music that the velvet underground made about ten years earlier.