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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leon Russell

I started to watch the Grammys. I became depressed by the music, but mostly about being a totally out of touch old fart, and I went to reading something from Arts and Letters Daily on the computer. Lorna hollered from the living room, "Come in here, Leon Russell is on!". Of course by the time I got there, he wasn't. I first noticed Leon as a long-haired bearded kid accompanying Frank Sinatra on piano. Two unlike souls if there ever were- just the music binding them. He's amazingly talented, a wonderful keyboard player and composer, although I do think there is a bit of nasal quack in his singing voice. Here he is playing and singing three of his compositions. It's always nice to hear the writers voice, to hear the song that's in his head with the intended phrasing. Even if they do quack a little sometimes. Hell, just listen for the keyboard.

And my favorite. For Addy.

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reverend dick said...


Hank Wilson's back is one of my all time favorites, even if (because?) they are mostly covers.

Watch the youtubes of Willie's 197? 4th of July picnic for a glimpse of the magnificent way in which Mr. Russell carried himself.