Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bringing Excitement To a Dull Game

From Chris Anderson, who thought it was a "strange format".

My response to him:

"Strikes me as similar to the golf/football melding that was popular for a time a few years ago, trying to put some manly contact into the rather effete game of golf. This one is certainly upping that ante. Instead of 'Fore!', I suppose it will be 'Pull!'.

Kevlar camo golfing vests anyone?"


Silk Hope said...

How an the hell do you determine a handicap? Besides cycling Golf is my game. One the funniest posters I've ever read. Please don't call VP Cheney on second thought that would be your HCP!

Gunnar Berg said...

It would seem to be a game made for Mr.Cheney.

Margadant said...

I thought Dex would handle this, but . . . Sorry, a shotgun start means that when the pro steps onto the 1st tee and fires a shotgun into the air, a teams of golfers will simultaneously tee off on each of the holes on the course.

The scariest format business is probably code for, "we couldn't find any scantily clad lovelies to run the beer carts."

Mimbres Man said...

Hockey helmet advisable.

Anonymous said...

Got my clubs ready to go. That teetime is very civilized. Now where'r those camo knickers I got from Paine's country cousin Clem....?

Rick Moffat

Gunnar Berg said...

Minnesota has more golf courses per capita and golfers per capita than any other state in the union. (Of course they can only play for five weeks in high summer.) Most of them are like in the poster.