Monday, September 27, 2010

L'Eroica 2010 Additional Reading

"L'Eroica is an event for big old boys on big old bikes, in medium-sized old jerseys."

I am intensely interested in the L'Eroica ride through Tuscany. I suspect this will be an perennial "someday" for me. The Flamme Rouge' is the red flag, the indicator of one kilometer to the finish. I hope I'm not one kilometer from my finish, but we all need these things in our bucket that are just out of our grasp, to keep our heads down, hammering to the finish. This Flamme Rouge account from 2005 captures it quite well. Since then the 600 has grown to 3000, but the spirit is the same. We can only hope that it doesn't become a contest of 'what young man is faster' rather than 'what old man can finish'.

"The L'Eroica is Italy's equivalent of Paris-Roubaix.  Instead of cobbles you race over the strade-bianchi, the "white roads".  An intrepid band of people are fighting to keep them from being covered in tarmac.  This event helps raise their profile and keep them on the map.  I thought the strade-bianchi would be like our railway walk, smooth, shale covered roads.  In fact, Jersey's equivalent would be El Tico's car park.  Deep ruts, pot holes and industrial sized gravel.  Just acceptable for a car park but a little daunting for a public highway.


Justine Valinotti said...

Is that what I have to look forward to?

Johann Rissik said...

That made my day!