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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jack Taylor on Ebay

I posted pictures of Phil Van Valkenberg's 1964 Jack Taylor previously and now he's listed it for sale on Ebay. It's a nice example with restored paint with box lining, a Sturmey Archer S5 5-speed rear hub, a rare Campagnolo chain tensioner which allows for the two front chainrings to be shifted by a Huret lever shifter. 

I have a friend seriously contemplating bidding on it.  I hope he does. For a number of reasons it would fit really well into his stable.  And besides, I'd really like to see it up close, even though it's far too small for me to actually ride it.


Masini said...

Wow... what a strange setup! Makes my cambio corsa seem rather common. PS - spread the word, I'm still looking for a clanger! I got a 40t ring for the Galmozzi from an auction in France. Going to Italy today to pick up the Galmozzi, redone wheels for the Legnano, NOS Way chains shipped from Sicily, and who knows what else.

Problem is... the obsession and anticipation means I haven't slept and I have about 8 hours of driving ahead of me! I should just pack the dogs up and leave now - except that I'd arrive and all my 'pushers' will still be asleep! Still, I have to arrive home by 7 - Bucs game!

Gunnar Berg said...

Damned addictive ain't it?

Anonymous said...

I love the color