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Who will pass this night?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Junior Brown: No Constraints

First, turn up the volume. Loud. Really loud.

Junior is almost stridently anti-cool. I admire that. It exhibits true cool, confident inner cool. I know for a fact, THIS MAN HAS NEVER SUFFERED, and it shows.


Mimbres Man said...

Jr. Brown rocks!

Gunnar Berg said...

Consistently rocks.

Johann Rissik said...

You lured me here under false pretences. I came looking for items two-wheeled and found Junior Brown. Is there nothing one can trust anymore;)

I will be eternally thankful!

Gunnar Berg said...

I am NOT to be trusted. I even mislead myself.

reverend dick said...

I think our man Jr. has spent his time. There's no denying his awesomeness.

That said, his country is where it's at- this "blues" is not roots music. It's slick and produced and pat.

Gunnar Berg said...

Would it be roots music if he was black and poor?

reverend dick said...

HA! I knew it would come to that. Nope. BB KING was black and poor, and he sucks. But maybe it's cuz he's rich?

Mimbres Man said...

Plus Jr. Brown has the most interesting guitar(s) in the industry.