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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Z-Man Report No.14

"Just finished up a little project. Total cost: $1.50 in over priced bolts. Lucked out with a buddy that runs a small African djembe (sp?) drum shop. Limited resources, but still got the job done. Pretty stout rack. Holds my 145#, 50# box should be no problem. The work is picking up, still make a shit wage, but I'm on the bike for 8 hours a day. Oh, the bike is my work bike. Kona Huma I think. Pretty sturdy and just ugly enough to ride every day in Manhattan. $100, can't beat it. This hipster special is being sold. I don't care what anyone says, that is a fun ass bike to ride. Picked up a new wheel for the Kona. Nice wheel, running a 15t fix and a 23t freewheel for polo. Bizarre that I found a 120 spaced 26" wheel on craigs, hurt the team to spend 90bux on a wheel for a $100 Kona but I am pretty happy with it...Surly hub laced to a burly WTB rim, new. Anyway, just got the India visa. Motorcycles to start but may just have to revert back to the bicycle...we'll see. Anyway, good to see ya the other day. Thanks for allowing me to ride the Mclean, don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Keep me posted on your latest...like the idea of a gentleman sleeper."


Johann Rissik said...

Chip off the old block?

Gunnar Berg said...

Just a younger good friend.

Anonymous said...

Can't seem to see these photos. I have an appreciation for the Kona Humu, and have often thought about buying one for town use. It would great for where I live, which is flat and has beaches.


Silk Hope said...

Now I can See it...Nice ride! Hey tell the Z man to keep an eye peeled for the missing link (McLean). I have the gals email. If he is into spelunking maybe he can ring her up. I will make it worth his while. many friends in NY.

"The Don" Gabus

Gunnar Berg said...

He's aware of the mysterious lady on McLean. Better hurry though, he's down to a couple of weeks before he heads to India.