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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Transporting Our Vices

This started with Jack Gabus building up a bicycle with the sole intent of safely transporting wine bottles. There have since been exchanges concerning transporting beer and liquor, and bicycle mounted cigar holders. If you are ready to acquire the seat mount opener, it's 40 bucks. That would buy a lot of Hamm's tab-top cans.

The boxes are Miller High Life. Obviously they were out of Hamm's.

On a bike I'm pretty much a water drinker. The Ahearne flask holder is pretty cool though. In the photo to the right is my flask and a funnel. A disclaimer, the flask was intended for a very portable watercolor painting set-up and the funnel was with my old backpacking stove. The funnel is cool because:

A. Along with my stove, it belonged to my grandfather.
B. It was made by a man, now deceased, from Grand Marias, Mn.
C. I made it myself with scrap brass.
D. It was WWI military issue.

Answer: C.    Kudos for correct guesses. If any.


Silk Hope said...

Kind of mangled my first name or is this a new nick name I am unaware of. Who's Miller porteur bike. That is one slick ride.

reverend dick said...

That bottle opener/weight makes me laugh.

If you can't figure out how to (easily and confidently) open your beer with the bike's natural componentry...well then you aren't drinking frequently enough to warrant opening a beer with your bike, since that implies you will be riding buzzed and you aren't up for that. And by you I mean whomever.
And, plus- falling on glass hurts. Drinking and riding=cans.

A flask is always your friend.

Silk Hope said...

The wisdom of the "REV" He has spoken.

Gunnar Berg said...

Actually should have been Gack Jabus.

Justine Valinotti said...

The seat mount bottle opener and the Campy corkscrew: now wouldn't that be quite the combination!

I used to open bottles on the cages of Campy road pedals. ;-)

Gunnar Berg said...

How about the Park Tool pizza cutter?

Gunnar Berg said...

The Miller Special is an Ahearne Cycletruck

Mimbres Man said...

Our scientific team has discovered that a pint can of Guiness [w/widget] fits snugglely in a standard bicycle waterbottle cage.

Gunnar Berg said...

THIS is valuable information. And to think some people say the internet is a waste of time.

Gunnar Berg said...

Ain't it a hoot what people want to comment on - wild women and alcohol.

Anonymous said...

I think it's nice to have a back up fluid source for traveling through hostile neighborhoods without trustworthy facilities. However, in that case I am wondering why there's no Lewis .30 caliber machine gun mount on the front of that yellow bike. Even if you don't use it, it's nice to know you've got the right equipment! Plus, you'd be surprised at the level of artistry some of today's fillet brazers can achieve in the field of light artillery//classic velocipede fixtures. But y'all probably knew all that. .