Thursday, September 2, 2010

Me and the Devil

For those you don't know Gil Scott-Heron, he burst onto the scene in the 70's with spoken word, blues, jazz, funk, whatever he chose to do. His life spiraled down due to crack cocaine use, and eventually prison. The last I heard he might be coming out of his reclusive life and getting a handle on his love affair with drugs. Normally I think that any cover of Robert Johnson is pointless, but Gil Scott-Heron pushes genius and this is worth a good hard listen. Ominous, spooky - a great arrangement and a painfully emotional voice.


reverend dick said...

I am down with Gil Scot Heron, but here he sounds like Leon Russell and a beat machine. You know, to me.

Did you check out the Talking Heads live in
Rome 1980? There's something worth getting worked up over there. You know, to me.

Gunnar Berg said...

Dang. There is a Leon Russell tone to his voice.