Tuesday, September 28, 2010

White's Woods

White's Woods is about 500 acres of mixed woodlands on a long twisting esker on the south shore of Lower Twin Lake about 5 miles south of our house. It overlooks half a dozen nice ponds and marshes, some fairly large. There is a lot of varied habitat so it's a good place to see wildlife, particularly birds. It's a place where we can let Bud run free without endangering either him or wildlife. When we had the two pugs they would venture far ahead and have to be called back occasionally. With his failing eyesight Bud isn't quite so adventuresome. Lucky, because calling him now would be futile anyway. We had a long enough hike to tire all three of us. As usual on a weekday we didn't see any other hikers -  completely to ourselves.

Prairie grass blending into a large cattail marsh.

Add and Bud taking a weedseed removal break.
Gunnar and Bud discussing the planned route.

Pretty little hidden pond.
Bud and Gunnar taking a break.
Bud waiting for orders.

School of skyfish. 


Gunnar Berg said...

Hat No.1: J.B.Stetson Moose River silver belly. Stay tuned for more.

Old Toad said...

Nice to see your fine hat ... even better to see that Addy was with you, not to mention the pug.

Margadant said...

I'm nominating this for your finest post of the year. Id lost track of the finer points in southern Minnesota -- too caught up in memories of humidity and mosquitos.

Gunnar Berg said...

'Tis a beautiful place. There are also white pelicans on the lake, ducks and geese on the ponds, pileated woodpeckers in the woods. the best place I've ever found for enjoying the Spring warbler migration. And there's usually nobody else there - maybe a couple of binoculared birdwatchers or a guy out running his pointer.