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Thursday, September 30, 2010

"I Guess I’ve Had It. George."

The Price Equation, developed by George R. Price, is a mathematical description of evolution and natural selection. If you're interested in such things you can Google it and enjoy a couple of hours wading in the primordial muck. From the American Scholar:

"In 1970, he converted from being a fiercely outspoken atheist to an evangelical Christian on unusual grounds. He felt that there were just too many coincidences in his life to be mathematically possible. They had to have been intended by God, who must have chosen him not only to convert others but also to continue with his research. How did he square his scientific views about evolution with the creation story in Genesis? Providentially, perhaps, he had concluded that God had commanded him not to sign on to belief in that story.

A second conversion experience led him to feel that God wanted him to express his love for others without concern for his own well-being. In a vision, Jesus whispered to him that he should give to all who asked of him and never ask those who took anything from him to return it. He sought out alcoholics and homeless persons, sharing what money and possessions he had, inviting some to share his living quarters. His health deteriorating, hungry and emaciated, sometimes homeless himself, he came to despair of knowing what God meant for him to do or be. In January 1975 he cut a gash in his throat and bled to death on the floor of a desolate squat. Among the notes he left, one read:  “To Whom It May Concern:  I guess I’ve had it. George.”

(If you tire of trying to deal with the Price Equation you can take a run at Fisher's Fundamental Theorem.)


Johann Rissik said...

There's a moral in there somewhere.

Silk Hope said...


Did you do a left turn at Albuquerque somewhere?

Gunnar Berg said...


If you were to look at my Blogger "interests", I'm certain that George Price is in there somewhere. That is to say, the Price Equation is the kind of shit I fill my head with.

Silk Hope said...


Silk Hope said...

It was not in your blogger interests, just something about never going to movies. BTW how come your blogger interests widget is not loaded on your blog. Is this part of your minimalist nature or something more devious?

Gunnar Berg said...

Well, it should have been. Maybe not as specific as 'George Price', but at least the field. I dunno why I didn't link my interests. It probably struck me that nobody really cares. Seems I get grief if I put too much up and if I put too little up.

Gunnar Berg said...

Also edited 'interests'.