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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sittin On Top of the World

Jimmy Martin, also featuring Vassar and the much hated Bela Anton Leos Fleck.

Emergency Bluegrass Intervention? Go to the true Church.


Anonymous said...

What's the beef w/ Fleck?

Rick Moffat

Gunnar Berg said...

I have no beef. I think he's marvelous. I've paid money to listen to him play on more than one occasion. Not so with the preacher where I worship, who feels people have to suffer to have soul and all technically competent musicians are suspect:

"Bluegrass is bluegrass and newgrass is wack. I see that Sam Bush etc. (Bela Fleck? shudder) are technically gifted players, but they got no lonesome in their soul. They are to bluegrass what BB King is to the blues- hackneyed and tired with smoothed over electrics in place of hunger and pain."

"I shudder at the mention of Bela Fleck not because he sounds like he is a vampire, but because he is the perfect example of the worst kind of "jazz"- noodly bughouse music."

There was more offline and over at his Church. He can be quite theatrical in his sermons to convert the sinners.

Gunnar Berg said...

And anyone named after three classical musicians and raised by classical musicians in New York City rather than a Appalachian shack by illiterate moonshiners cannot have high mountain soul, etc.

reverend dick said...

Literal LOL!

Bela Fleck is a HACK! There. The only thing worse than Bela Fleck (named after a drug addicted pretend Vampire) is "Future Man" (ugh), his wack pretentious bass player. Please.

Not an iota of soul.

Hey, I get it. Old timers may reach a point where they welcome any interest in their schtick due to declining popularity (cash money revenue)and so annoint some upstarts as succesors. But that does not mean this jam band lollygagging is getting jammed down my aural canals.

If I'm gonna listen to some upstarts, it'll be Ricky Skaggs and Marty Stuart (which proves I'm open minded; look at the man's hairstyle for crying out loud). And why? Sheeeeeeit. Cuz they got soul.

Gunnar Berg said...

I saw a young Marty Stuart as an opener for Waylon Jennings. Was not impressed. Still ain't. Do like
Ricky though. But soul? I still think you confuse a style of music with expressed emotion.

reverend dick said...

Dang. Bela Fleck is nicely restrained here. I just actually listened to the particular song you have posted , and it does not support my point.

But.But. But Fleck's own body of work does.