Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where the Lonely Go

For 40+ years I've been a hat guy, panamas in summer, Stetson's in the cooler temperatures, a 3-Forks, a couple of Wind Rivers, a black Sovereign dress hat, and an Adams, which is older than I am. I feel naked without them, but I have to say, I ain't a cool hombre in a hat. I lean more toward the goofy old man look. Somehow, wearing the same thing on his head, Haggard looks cool. That man can REALLY wear a hat.

I realize that some of these guys have drinking for hours, but "Eehah!" in the middle of this introspective, heartfelt song is damned disrespectful. I do like the Willie Nelson licks Merle throws in at the end of his break.

Rollin with the flow 
Going where the lonely go 
Anywhere the lights are low 
Going where the lonely go

Making up things to do
Not running in all directions 
Trying to find you 
I'm rollin with the flow 
Going where the lonely go 
I've got to keep rollin 
I can't lay down

Sleep won't hardly come 
When theres loneliness all around 
I've got to keep goin 
Travling down this lonesome road 
I'm rollin with the flow 
Goin where the lonely go


Todd Peterson said...

"Goofy old man look?" How could that be? Not Gunnar! As for Merle and his hat, it looks a size too big. His forehead must be getting as tall and wide as the old toads.

Old Toad said...

I read what that Todd guy wrote and I am offended! Delete his toady comment, Gunnar! At put your favorite hats on your blog so I can see what you're wearing. Maybe I can learn a few fashion tips from the "goofy old man."

Gunnar Berg said...

Have you completely slipped a cog?

Of course I operate under Gunnar and Neil. You blame Todd for your misdeeds; I blame Neil. I understand your weather sucks recently - unless you're a toad I guess.

Cheers. You be well out there.

Old Toad said...

No cogs to slip in/on this old toad's slimy body. As for the weather out here, its not sucking as bad as that deep white, cold stuff coming your way soon. Stay warm!

Gunnar Berg said...

Three options:
1.Hibernate (The amphibian strategy)
2.Migrate (My neighbor's choice)
3.Tolerate (Presently my only option)

Old Toad said...

Not a bad choice of places to "tolerate" -- living on the lake in Albert Lea. Great spot for old toads as well (except in those notorious winter months).

I suspect that you have more options but staying home with the wife, bicycles, and small animals seems like the best choice -- for now at least.

Gunnar Berg said...

If I still had a vehicle I'd be bound for Springfield.