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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

This is for James F. Margadant, who took up the pipe when we were maybe 14 years old and has sucked those wretched pots for almost 50 years. It's a miracle that his mouth has not completely eroded away by that acid backflow. I would like to thank Abe for the link. Abraham can be brilliant, but recently has decided to live a life rather than posting one. a link


Margadant said...

Your rebuke is accepted as well-meaning and therefore appreciated. The link was interesting, as it does recall the image fantasies I was delusional enough to subscribe to in the way-back times.

But I fear I am too tied to my briars. While the times and social norms have changed (I can recall when it was socially acceptable to shop in a department store while smoking), I would have to say that, on the whole, the smoking bans have not bothered me any and seem to have done a good deal to clean up society.

Like any good pipe smoker, I am too lethargic to get too worked up over it. The most constructive philosophy I can muster is the old Mark Twain adage that I embraced as a boy, about one having to have some bad habits available to throw overboard in a pinch. That's the extent of the extended warranty I signed up for.

Gunnar Berg said...

Rebuke? Nay, one who smokes foul cigars does not throw stones at a more refined user of tobacco. I was surprised there were no pictures of you smoking, as you are the most notable pipe smoker I know.

Echelon said...

As my doctor asked one of my visits (he is a Golf addict as I am)... Do you Smoke?

Me: Only Cigars on the course.

Doc: Oh that doesn't count.

Here endth the lesson.

PS: I miss tobacco smoke at the ball game

Gunnar Berg said...

Depends on how golf you play.