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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weather or Not

Does it seem like we're getting more than our fair share of extreme weather recently? It's fair; we're earned it. Yesterday in the Archdruid Report, John Michael Greer helps explain some of it:
"I’m not generally a fan of Thomas Friedman, but he scored a bullseye in his book Hot, Flat, and Crowded when he pointed out that what we’re facing isn’t global warming but “global weirding:” not a simple increase in temperature, but an increase in unexpected and disruptive weather events. As the atmosphere heats up, the most important effect of that shift isn’t the raw increase in temperature; rather, it’s the increase in the difference in energy concentration between the atmosphere and the oceans." more


Echelon said...

I love the comment "the world will end in 2012. Ha! I'm going to Vegas and bet on "the world Continues". The gods will not be so kind as to end it. I can say this with 100% certainty that the gods will want us to suffer at life just a little bit longer....Like forever!

Call me a cynic.

Gunnar Berg said...

Species evolve and species become extinct. Planets turn into piles of dead rocks. Stars are born and stars die. Things come and things go. Forever is a long, long, long time. Forever? I'm betting against you and the odds are well in my favor. Cynic.

Margadant said...

Thanks for steering me to this site. The law of thermodynamics lecture prompts me to pull up some of the earlier posts he refers to.