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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snow and Bud

The snow is melting fast. March has averaged 8 degrees above normal, but we had a lot to melt down. It's still about 6" deep with patches of grass showing up around the trees. The pug was noticeably excited today. This is the first time in months he's been able to take a proper dump on the grass of his favor corner. It doesn't take a lot to bring contentment to an old dog. A lesson for us?


Margadant said...

Not so much a lesson as it is an unfortunate truth.

Anonymous said...


it has absolutley nothing to do with your subject but it kinda reminded me of you. Thought you should see, it took him 7 years to shape it over its 10 year life, he looks quite content in his materpiece

(im not all that great at links, so sorry)


Gunnar Berg said...

Thanks Ad,
Seven years eh? I better get started.