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Friday, March 5, 2010

The System Sucks

The diabetic daughter of a friend is a single mother who would like to marry the new baby's father. They recently announced their engagement, BUT................
This was posted today on Facebook:

"Thanks everyone! Mami you guys are of course going to be invited, it maybe awhile though. We have to wait till I get my own health insurance, I lose my mom's when we get married and Patrick's plan sucks. So I have to get one that will cover the diabetes better."

There is something wrong with our system.


Margadant said...

So I've heard.

Gunnar Berg said...

What's the odds of getting a job with insurance that'll cover pre-existing diabetes?

Doohickie said...

Funny this comes up.... here in Dallas on public radio today, someone was asking for inputs as to whether to live in Dallas (where she was from) or to move to Toronto where her fiance lives. More than half of the people who called into the Dallas station said that the Canadian healthcare system is a strong argument for moving to Toronto. So WHO is it that doesn't want healthcare reform in the U.S.?

(Rhetorical question... not response needed.)