Sunday, March 7, 2010

Melting Away

There is still a foot or two of snow on the level. Our narrow entry yard has more, up to five feet of wet lumpy mounds of the stuff, the result of the combined efforts of the city men with their small alley plow and ol' Gunnar with the snow blower, piling it up from opposite directions. The streets are a complete mess of steel gray slush. I love it. It was in the high 40s yesterday, still warm today. The last of winter is slowly being dealt with. If history is any indicator, we have at least one more sticky snow to come, but I think it's pretty much over.


Anonymous said...

There's hope - you have 11hrs 32min of daylight today and 12hrs by the 17th. I've never understood why the 12hrs isn't on the equinox, why it varies a bit.
Hang in there,

Old Toad said...

Aaah ... ever the optimist! Only one more sticky snow? It's going to get down in the 20's (with a "possibility" of light snow) on the Willamette Valley "floor" tonight. It will arrive in Albert Lea in 3 days!