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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trek Bar Bike?

Jack Gabus claims this, his Caroline, is his "bar bike", as defined by Reverend Dick. If this is a bar bike, it is obvious that Jack hangs out in a better class of bars. I think this is more of what Michael White referred to as a "cafe racer", in the style of his and my Colnagos. The coffee holder is the first slightly effete tipoff. Jack, being a gluten for punishment, would like your opinions on this bike. I'll be out of town so you're on your own here. Give'm hell.                Nice bell though - like something you'd expect to see on a mixte. 


Anonymous said...

yeah, I'd say it's a cafe racer. or perhaps a midwestern diner racer. A bar bike should be garish, tanklike, and repellant to the eye. Not necessarily indestructible, but not even worth the energy to destroy. The old Treks like this are actually quite nice.


rockandrollcannibal said...

that looks quite a lot like the bike I rode as my winter bike two years back. I've got drop bars is the main difference. I decided I didn't want to put it through another season of salt and gave it smooth tires and a longer stem. still in winter mode.

a very cozy ride. I wouldn't necessarily consider it a top choice for the rougher bar hopping, but since I don't do much of that that's not a big deal.

reverend dick said...

Too much shiny on the bars. Also, using sweaty, stained, and tattered bar tape with black tape would be so much more effective in keeping the hoodlums from looking twice at "that old piece of junk."