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Friday, March 19, 2010

A Review

I picked out a book at random from the stack by the back door. I just finished it - Pontoon, a novel by Garrison Keillor. If I couldn't write a better book than that, I would never type another word. One can only assume he was fulfilling a contractual obligation.


Anonymous said...

jeez, i know exactly what you mean. but the agents don't care about all that. they care if you have a "platform," as they call it. he does.


Anonymous said...

His stuff works on the radio. I've never been able to get him off the page; in spite of his success,he's not a novelist. Of course maybe it's jealousy. Dex

Gunnar Berg said...

I like his weekly newspaper column. He has a problem keeping a plot going. Parts of the book were okay, tempting me along. Then it died in outrageous, yet predictable turns. I like yours better, though I may not be without biases.